Saturday, August 31, 2013

Unit of The Week: Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu

The sun is strong, yet gentle, and shows you the way towards a bright future. 
[AUTO](VC) Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage):[Counter Blast (2)] When this unit's attack hits a vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, search your deck for up to one «Oracle Think Tank», reveal it to your opponent, put it into your hand, and shuffle your deck.
[CONT](VC):If you have a card named "CEO Amaterasu" in your soul, this unit gets [Power]+2000.
[CONT](VC/RC): Lord (If you have a unit without a same clan as this unit, this unit cannot attack)

I pulled a RRR Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu a few months ago. Her card looks simply AWESOME! Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu is a very unique unit. As a cross ride unit she is a 13,000 attacker. This gives her a good offense and more importantly a strong defense. She can be played in a variety of Oracle Think Tank decks. She doesn't require any specific sub-clan units. She can pretty much work with all Oracle Think Tank units.

Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu is a very powerful vanguard. She is so good that a player doesn't need to ride CEO Amaterasu before riding Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu. White Hare of Inaba's skill puts an Oracle Think Tank unit into the soul, and that unit should be CEO Amaterasu. This is a major advantage. Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu can give mid game and late pressure. She is one of the few cross ride units who can pull this off.

Furthermore, her limited break skill is a good draw engine. She provides the cards that the player needs. By hitting a vanguard, the player may draw any Oracle Think Tank from the deck. A player can choose from an offense card like Silent Tom or a defense card like Battle Sister, Chocolat. Amaterasu's skill can allow a player to directly draw a perfect guard. Ride her early in the game, and you're guaranteed to trigger her limit break.

In Conclusion, Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu is a very versatile unit. She as unlimited potential. All Oracle Think Tank units enjoy her company. She can be used in a variety of decks including Battle Sisters and Tsukuyomi. Her limit break can provide a player with an offensive or defensive unit. She allows the player to stay one play ahead of the opponent.

Card Rating: 4 out of 5

Friday, August 30, 2013

3 Things Cardfight!! Vanguard can learn from Yu-Gi-Oh!

I normally write short articles about 3 things Yu-Gi-Oh! can learn from Cardfight!! Vanguard. However, I am flipping the script! There are many things Cardfight!! Vanguard can learn from Yu-Gi-Oh!. Let's look at three important things that Cardfight!! Vanguard can learn from Yu-Gi-Oh!. 

1. The Best 2 out of 3

Bushiroad needs to change the official tournament format for Cardfight!! Vanguard. The tournaments are a double elimination format. If you lose twice in the first round then you eliminated. The top 8 round is single elimination. One loss is an elimination. A match consists of one game. It's win or go home in the worst way possible. It is discouraging to attend official tournaments because you may have a bad first game and be out of the tournament in minutes. Many players are eliminated within the first few minutes of the tournament. There's no fun in that. Bushiroad needs to strongly consider changing their tournament's format. This will only turn more players away from official tournaments.

Yu-Gi-Oh! actually gets this right. A match is the best 2 out of 3 games. It's in the official rule book! This match format is completely standard for all tournaments. Konami uses a swiss system for tournaments. Players play in many matches within a round's time frame. The player with the most wins will win the round. You can play for fun even if you're having a bad first round. In other words, you may lose the first two matches, and continue to play more matches until the round is officially over.

2. Promo Cards Should Be Rare

Cardfight!! Vanguard promo cards look very cheap and boring. Promo cards are made like common cards. You can't notice the difference between a common promo card and a common card. They all look the same! It shouldn't be this way. Promo cards are very special cards. Most of them are unavailable in booster packs and trail decks. They are either a bonus card in a booster box, promo packs, or special related products.

Once again, Yu-Gi-Oh! gets it right! All Yu-Gi-Oh! promo cards are a rarity. Most promo cards are either Super Rare or Ultra Rare. This is what makes promo cards so special. The rarity is a sign of how special and rare the cards are.

3. The Anime Needs Logical Conflicts

Cardfight!! Vanguard can be a fun anime to watch because the matches are intense. The characters are cute and likable. However, the conflict doesn't make sense. Let's look at the conflict in the first two seasons. Ren is the top player in Japan. However, in his match with Aichi, Aichi says "you're not going to rule the world". When did Ren say he wanted to rule the world? Ren's actions do not scream "world domination". He did not commit any crimes. He does hurt his relationships with people. However, that's not illegal. That's not trying to conquer the world. Season 1 Ren is nothing more than a very heartless teenager.

In the second season Leon Soryu is the main antagonist. He wants to revive the Aqua Force clan and Soryu nation. In order to do this he is willing to kill everything. This contradicts his goal. His actions will lead to the deaths of the Aqua Force and Soryu because the Void wants to destroy everything including Leon. Leon is unable to achieve his goals whether or not he is able to defeat Aichi.

The conflicts in Yu-Gi-Oh! are well written except for Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Pegasus wants souls, Kaiba's technology, and most importantly the Millennium Puzzle to revive his decease wife. Yami Marik manipulated the real Marik to obtain the Millennium Puzzle and God cards to rule the world. The examples are two villains with selfish goals. The goals are very evil and most importantly logical. Yami Marik is power hungry and will do anything to receive the ultimate power. Pegasus's love for his wife drives him to do anything to bring her back. He is rich and powerful. He will crush the weak to get what he wants.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Card Discussion: Magical Dimension

If you control a face-up Spellcaster-Type monster: Target 1 monster you control; Tribute that target, then Special Summon 1 Spellcaster-Type monster from your hand, then you can destroy 1 monster on the field.
Magical Dimension is one of my favorite quick-play spell cards. It can make an impact in a game. Magical Dimension is a great card to help quickly special summon high level Spellcasters and destroy opponent's powerful monsters. When used correctly this card can put pressure on your opponent.

Magical Dimension is a great card to help special summon high level Spellcasters. If you're lacking tributes or resources to summon a boss monster then this card can resolve the problem. High Level monsters can be dead cards in the high without being able to summon them. For example, High Priestess of Prophecy is in your hand along with 2 traps and one Spellbook spell card. Your field has a face down Magical Dimension and a Breaker The Magical Warrior. Magical Dimension can quickly special summon High Priestess of Prophecy to the field by sacrificing Breaker The Magical Warrior.

Furthermore, Magical Dimension's greatest strength is that it is a quick-play spell card. It can be played from your hand at any time during your turn. You can set it to activate it during your opponent's turn. This means you can activate it during your battle phase. You can potentially get multiple attacks at your opponent by special summoning a Spellcaster.

Finally, one of Magical Dimension's best effects is that it destroys one monster on the field. A player can destroy any of his or her opponent's monsters. This also includes face down monsters. If there is a monster too powerful on the field, then Magical Dimension can easily resolve that problem. Secondly, this effect is optional. The card reads "you can destroy one monster on the field". You can potentially leave your opponent open for a direct attack to do major damage.

In conclusion, every Spellcaster player should consider running at least once copy of Magical Dimension in their decks. When played properly Magical Dimension can be a game changer. It brings offense by special summoning a powerful Spellcaster, and it can be defensive by destroying opponent's monsters.

Card Rating: 4 out of 5

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Unit of The Week: Gold Rutile

Pierce through darkness and cut through light! Resonate, Garuda Blade! 
[AUTO](VC):When your rear-guard's attack hits a vanguard, choose a card from your damage zone, and turn it face up. 
 [AUTO](VC):[Counter Blast (2)] When this unit's attack hits a vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your «Nova Grappler» rear-guards, and [Stand] it.
The "Great" Morikawa rides the gold wonder Gold Rutile! Morikawa made a name for himself when he played a trail deck featuring Gold Rutile. Morikawa won the shop tournament! Gold Rutile made his debut in Trial Deck 03: Golden Mechanical Soldier!

It is best to make a deck based around Gold Rutile. His skills can only be used when he is the vanguard. Only use units who benefit from Gold Rutile's abilities. His decks can be tricky. However, they can be pretty good when played properly.

In addition,, Gold Rutile's first skill can help fuel Brutal Jack's and Death Metal Droid's costs. It is best to use high power rear guard units like Brutal Jack to increase your chances to triggering this skill. Now your opponent must choose wisely when guarding and not guarding rear guard units.

Furthermore, Gold Rutile's second skill adds more pressure on your opponent. If you're able to hit the Vanguard then you're able to stand a rear guard unit. This gives you another opportunity to hit the vanguard and activate Gold Rutile's first skill.

In conclusion, Gold Rutile is a pretty decent unit. It is very possible to create a deck around him. However, you must be careful when activating counter blasts. You need to manage your resources and use rear guard units that can ensure hits at the opponent's vanguard.

Card Rating: 3 out of 5

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Unit of The Week: Thunder Break Dragon

Break the dark clouds! Barbaric Thunder Break! 
[AUTO](VC) Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage):When this unit attacks a vanguard, this unit gets [Power]+5000 until end of that battle. 
[AUTO]:[Counter Blast (2)] When this unit is placed on (VC), you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one your opponent's grade 2 or less rear-guards, and retire it.

Hear the sky roar with power! Thunder will cast lighting upon you! The Thunder Break Dragon ascends from the skies! Thunder Break Dragon is one of the first grade 3 units with Limit Break released in the trading card game.

Thunder Break Dragon has the stereotypical Limit Break skill for a trial deck's grade 3 boss unit. He gains an additional 5,000 power when attacking a vanguard. His attacks can reach stage 3 when boosted by Red River Dragoon for a totally of 23,000 power!

His second skill retires a grade 2 or lower rear guard unit. This is great for removing an opponent's grade 2 that can intercept an attack. The skill can put more pressure on your opponent.

In conclusion, Thunder Break Dragon is a decent unit and very easy to use. He is a fine fit a budget deck. He can be a boss unit in most Narukami decks. However, there are better grade 3 units for a Narukami deck such as Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

News: VGE-MT01: Rise to Royalty

Stand up the vanguard! The first Mega Trial Deck is coming to America! Daigo's anime deck and now be yours! Rise to Royalty is a special trail deck based on Daigo's Royal Paladin deck! The deck's featured RR unit is the mighty dragon, Sanctuary Guard Dragon!

That isn't all folks! The trail deck also includes exclusive deck case, storage box, and sleeves for the English edition. It can't get any better than this! The Royal Paladins are stronger than ever before! Rise to Royalty is set to be a November release!


Friday, August 9, 2013

Unit of The Week: Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier

Go forth, Silver Thorn Serpents! 
[ACT](VC) Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage):[Counter Blast (3)] Choose up to one grade 0, grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3 «Pale Moon» from your soul, and call them to separate (RC).  
[AUTO](VC):When one of your «Pale Moon» is placed on (RC) from your soul, this unit gets [Power]+3000 until end of turn.
Bow down to the queen of the Pale Moon cirrus! Now! Put your hands together for the one and only Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier! The sexy and seductive Luquier is my favorite Pale Moon unit. Her cracking whip will make my enemies turn red!

Luquier's limit break is very powerful. Her Limit Break completely restores your field. This is very useful when your field is empty and it's a great counter against decks that destroy rear guard units such as Kagero and Dragonic Kaiser, Vermillion. This also allows you to gain intercept units for defense.

Luquier's limit break skill is directly tied to her second skill. She gains 3000 power when a Pale Moon unit is placed on the RC from the soul. This makes her a great unit for soul charge decks. Units like Midnight Bunny can give you extra attacks and power to Luquier.

In conclusion, Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier is a very power grade 3. She is a great unit for decks that focuses on soul charges. Her limit break makes her a very dangerous Vanguard to face without having a perfect guard. Bow down to the queen!

Card Rating: 3 out of 5

News: Doctor O Announces EB08:Champions of the Galaxy Champions of the Galaxy and EB09:Divine Dragon Progression!

Today, Doctor O revealed on Twitter upcoming extra booster sets EB08: Champions of the Galaxy and EB09: Divine Dragon Progression! EB08 will feature Nova Grapplers and EB09 will be the first extra booster to feature Kagero! 

EB08 is the third extra booster featuring Nova Grapplers. EB08 includes awesome crossrides for Asura Kaiser and Stern Blaukluger! It will have 17 reprints and 18 new cards for a grand total of 35 cards in the set. 

Kai's Kagero clan is featured in EB09. The set will have 12 new cards and 23 reprints. Berserk Dragon and Bellicosity Dragon are confirmed to be reprints. The set includes Dragonic Nouvelle Vague, the first ever Grade 4 unit in the series. It made its debut in the manga chapter 22. It is unknown if Dragonic Nouvelle Vague will be a legal card.

Nova Grappler and Kagero fans will be glad when these sets come to the states. EB08: Champions of The Galaxy and EB09: Divine Dragon Progression will be heavily sought out sets. Both sets will be released on November 15, 2013!

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

September 2013 Ban List Predictions

The September 2013 ban list is coming soon! The legal changes will greatly affect the current meta. Spellbooks and Elemental Dragons are the top decks. However, being on top isn't a problem. The problem is always broken cards. Here are my predictions on what should be banned, limited, and semi-limited! Please leave your thoughts and comments below!

Spellbook of Judgment
Prediction- Banned

Spellbook of Judgment is one of the worst designed Yu-Gi-Oh! cards of all times! The card is incredibility broken. Instead of banning searcher cards like Spellbook of Secrets, Konami should ban the problem card. Spellbook of Judgment, you have to get out of here!

Black Luster Soldier- Envoy of The Beginning 
Prediction- Limited

Black Luster Soldier- Envoy of The Beginning is one of the game's most powerful game changers. He is very easy to summon in many decks that support Dark and Light monsters. However, he wasn't relevant in this meta. There is a good chance that Konami won't touch him.

Pot of Avarice
Prediction- Banned

Pot of Avarice is the more powerful version of Pot of Greed. Pot of Avarice adds five monsters from the graveyard to the deck and allows you to draw two cards. It's a huge plus in recycling resources and gaining card advantage. This is a broken and unskilled card. You give up nothing for 7 cards; 5 in the deck and 2 in the hand. 

Evilswarm Ophion
Prediction- Limited

Evilswarm Ophion is one of the most annoying monsters in the game. He prevents players from summoning all level 5 monsters. By doing this he prevents every deck from quickly playing its boss monster. However, it's not untouchable. An opponent can destroy it with a strong combo or a simple Dark Hole. That's why it should be limited. Three copies are too much. It slows down one player's game far too much.

Spellbook of Secrets
Prediction- Semi Limited

Spellbook of Secrets makes Spellbook decks very consistent. To make the deck less consistent is by semi limiting Spellbook of Secrets to two cards. Spellbook of Secrets can search for any Spellbook card in the deck. Prophecy has many ways of searching the deck. Hitting one searcher isn't going to kill the deck. It's only going to make it more balanced.

Super Rejuvenation
Prediction- Banned

This card has made a huge comeback because of Elemental Dragons. It gives the deck a HUGE plus! Elemental Dragons discards many cards during their opening turn. It can give the player two starting hands in one turn. That's way too broken. 

Dark Magician of Chaos
Prediction- Limited

Dark Magician of Chaos should make his glorious return this September! Dark Magician of Chaos would not help Spellbook decks if Spellbook of Judgment is banned. The reminding Spellbook cards are very balanced together. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

News: Bushiroad Announces TD 13: Successor of the Sacred Regalia

Bushiroad has announced the next trail deck! TD 13: Success of Sacred Regalia is based on Misaki's Genesis deck. Misaki introduces the Genesis clan in season 3. TD 13: is the first trail deck to feature the Genesis clan! It will likely continue the current trail deck trend by introducing a new sub-group named "Successor". If this is the case then it is possible that Misaki's former clan in the anime, Oracle Think Tank may join the Genesis clan. It is set to be released in Japan on October 25, 2013!

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Unit of The Week: Blaster Blade Spirit

Reach out...... my sword! To the leaders of the new generation!

[AUTO]:[Counter Blast(1)] When this card is placed on (RC) from your deck, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your opponent's grade 2 or greater rear-guards in the front row, and retire it. 
[AUTO](RC): At the end of the battle that this unit was attacked, retire this unit. 
[CONT]: This card is also a «Gold Paladin».

Blaster Blade's spirit has broken free from the the Void's grip. Now his spirit lives on in Aichi's Gold Paladin deck. Together Blaster Blade and Aichi will defeat the evil Void! Blaster Blade Spirit is a dual clan unit with a solid 10,000 power. This means that he is a Gold Paladin and Royal Paladin unit. Which clan does he work best with?

Blaster Blade Spirit is a great fit in Majesty Lord Blaster Decks. He is a better unit than Blaster Blade to use with Wingal Brave. Blaster Blade will only have 14,000 power when boosted by Wingal Brave. However, Blaster Blade Spirit will have 15,000 power when boosted by Wingal Brave. This means that Blaster Blade Spirit's attack power would be at stage 2. This requires an opponent to guard with a 10,000 shield. However, that is a lot of shield to give up when playing against Majesty Lord Blaster decks because the deck forces early pressure. 

Furthermore, his skill is very good for both Gold Paladin and Royal Paladin decks. His skill can only be activated when he is superior called on the rear guard from the deck. Many cards can easily superior call him. King of Knights Alfred and Great Silver Wolf, Garmore are the two best units to superior call Blaster Blade Spirit. Their skills give the player the option to pick an unit from the deck unlike Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel

In conclusion, Blaster Blade Spirit is a better fit in a Royal Paladin deck than a Gold Paladin deck. His status as a Blaster unit allows him to work much better with Royal Paladin support. However, he is still a decent Gold Paladin unit. Hopefully Bushiroad will create more dual clan units in the near future! 

Card Rating: 3.5 out of 5