News: G-Assist

Bushiroad has created a groundbreaking and new rule for Cardfight!! Vanguard. The terrible days of being grade locked are finally over. The new rule is G-Assist, and it is to help players overcome being grade locked.

G-Assist happens after the draw phrase.


How to perform G-Assist

  1. Show your hand to your opponent.
  2.  Look at the top 5 cards of your deck.
  3. Choose up to 1 card whose Grade is exactly 1 higher than your vanguard, show it to your opponent, and add it to your hand. Any other cards are shuffled into the deck.
  4. If you added a card to your hand in step 3, then remove 2 cards in your hand and 2 cards in the G-Zone from the game (this is not bind). If you did not add a card to your hand, then shuffle the deck and continue to the Ride Phase.
G-Assist also opens the possibilities to change grade ratios in decks. Some decks can become faster and stronger with more possible options. Players will not be punished for playing decks with crazy and wild ratios.

G-Assist will take Cardfight!! Vanguard to the next level. Players will no longer have to fear being grade locked at tournaments. They can now overcome the situation and find a grade 3 unit to ride the vanguard! Bushiroad received a lot of criticism from players for not having a rule to assist with being grade locked. It's great to see Bushiroad listen to the criticism and fixed the an annoying problem.

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