Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Top Ten MegaMan Villains

Everyone knows I am a huge MegaMan fan. The series continue to fascinate to this day despite not having new games in recent years. Playing MegaMan games always get my blood pumping. The villains in the series are who make the series even more interesting. Zero, MegaMan.EXE, and MegaMan X are great characters by themselves. However, the franchise's villains have greatly impacted their development through their series. They have committed unspeakable crimes such as kidnapping, blackmail, attempted genocide, and many other acts of terrorism. My list of greatest villains in the franchise includes characters, who have made in the most influence in the series and committed the worst crimes.

10. Vile

One of MegaMan X's toughest rivals is the former Maverick Hunter now Maverick, Vile. He is the freewill Maverick as he did not have the Maverick Virus when he became a Maverick. He was a wild Maverick Hunter that was put in lockdown because of his behavior. Sigma later freed him from his cell for he can join Sigma's forces. It is assumed he joined Sigma in the original MegaMan X. In Maverick Hunter MegaMan X, Vile was rogue but Sigma saved Vile's life in his ending. He later returned in X3 to only be defeated by his vial X again., then he made another comeback in MegaMan X8. He served Sigma in his plot to create a new world. Once again he was defeated by the hands of Axl, X, and Zero.

9.Dark ProtoMan.EXE

Dark ProtoMan.EXE made his debut in MegaMan NT Warrior Axess and his in game debut was in MegaMan Battle Network 5 Team ProtoMan. He is much crueler in the anime than in the game due to his longevity in the show. He is heartless without any feelings of remorse towards Chaud. His appearance changes in the anime as shown in the picture above. His Darkloid design is by far the best original design in the anime series.

8. Lord Wily (Battle Network)

Lord Wily is Dr. Wily's counterpart in the Battle Network universe. Just like his counterpart, he wanted to study robotics, but his work was not supported. Instead, Tadashi Hikari's ideas for advance cyber-technology was supported. Lord Wily was outraged and sought revenge by using the inventions from his rival's revolutionary ideas. His list of terrible crimes would instantly make him the poster boy for America's Most Wanted. In MegaMan Battle Network 2, he tried to launch a nuclear weapon on Dentech City. He went as far as corrupting a child's mind to use him as a figurehead for Gospel.

7. Bass.EXE

Many years prior to MegaMan Battle Network, Bass.EXE was falsely persecuted from crimes committed by Alpha. Since that day Bass.EXE only motivations in life is to get vengeance against humanity. He came out of hiding after he discovered Lord Gospel was making clones of him. He made his first true appearance in MegaMan Battle Network 3. He formed an unholy with Lord Wily to finally get revenge against the humans, but he was defeated by Lan and MegaMan.EXE. After that, he became a secret boss in the remaining games in the Battle Network series.

6. Copy X
Copy X is exactly who his name says he is. He is a copy of the original hero we know and love as MegaMan X. He was created to be the perfect copy, but failed far from being a reploid with a good heart. He is one of the worst politicians in the series's long history. His citizens constantly lived in fear. He falsely accused many innocent reploids as Mavericks and executed thousands of reploids. Anyone became an enemy when they questioned his authority. Thankfully Zero assassinated this lunatic twice!

5. Lord Gospel

Lord Gospel known as Kid Grave in MegaMan NT Warrior, is the ringleader of the net mafia Gospel. His NetNavi is Gospel's NetNavi Commander FreezeMan.EXE. His plan for world domination was to create a mass army of Bass.EXE clones to control the cyber world. However, his plan fell apart when his clone evolved into the uncontrollable Gospel Cyber Beast. His list of crimes consist of kidnapping a minor, hacking, plane hijacking, murder, and assassination. He paid Dark Miyabi and ShadowMan.EXE to kill everyone in Yumland and they easily completed the mission. He is very unforgiving towards members, who fail their missions. He tried to kill Arashi Kazefuki and Princess Pride after they were defeated by Lan and MegaMan.EXE. Arashi's briefcase exploded in the subway, and Princess Pride was thrown off of a very large building.

4. Dr. Weil

The most sadistic scientist in the series is Dr. Weil. His history predates the Zero series. He stole Zero's original body and used it to create Omega. MegaMan X and Zero defeated the sinister reploid and Neo Arcadia's government exiled him.  He resurrected Copy X for the purpose of becoming Neo Arcadia's dictator. His plan was foolproof. He knew Copy X was going to transform during his battle against Zero so Weil placed a bomb inside Copy X's body. It activated as soon as Copy X attempted to transform and died in the realization that he was just a pawn. As soon as he grabbed political power, he became a worldwide assault with his new resources. He was bent on whipping humans and reploids who stood against him. He enjoyed every moment of causing death, pain, and suffering

3. Dr. Wily

This top ten list would not be completed without Dr. Wily from the classic series. Dr. Wily never failed to entertain us with his efforts for world domination. However, Dr. Wily's legacy doesn't end at the Classic series. His legacy continues throughout the first MegaMan timeline. His greatest creation Zero infected former Maverick Hunter Sigma with the Maverick Virus. This led to the deaths of millions of people and humanity almost met their end in MegaMan X5. The Maverick Wars lasted for over two hundred years. Dr. Wily as returned in unknown forms to assist Sigma behind the scenes on more than one occasion. As mention earlier Dr. Weil stole Zero's original body to create the wicked Omega. This event influence the events in the Zero series.

2. Dr. Regal

Dr. Regal is the son of Lord Wily from the Battle Network series and is the Nebula's leader. His character design is one of the darkest in the franchise. He is totally rocking the purple attire and the beard with a goatee. His NetNavie is the regal LaserMan.EXE. Dr. Regal only sees evil with people and do not believe there is a good person in the world. He wants a world without morals. He created the extremely powerful battle chip, Dark Chip. This battle chip corrupts a Net Navi's mind with negative emotions to transform it into a Darkloid. Their souls have been traded for power. His first plan involved sending an artificial meteor to Earth and destroy it to appear to be a hero. His second plan was to create Nebula Grey as the ultimate source of evil as it is fueled by people's sins. He has the series most graphic death in RockMan.EXE Stream as all that remains of him is a corpse after being killed by Duo.EXE.

1. Sigma

Sigma is by far the greatest villain in the MegaMan franchise. He wants to create a new world for reploids to reach their full potential without suffering because of human's laws. Out of all villains, Sigma has a very valid argument. Certain individuals within the X series's governments and past characters like Dr. Wily shaped the world that we see in the X series. He also warned General that he would be labeled as a Maverick for seeking independence. There are many cases in the X series with innocent reploids were labeled as Mavericks when they were non-violent in their protests or for political reasons. However, his methods of protesting are unjustified.

He turned hundreds of innocent reploids into Mavericks to only have their lives end by the Maverick Hunters. Most of his plots involved manipulating others with the Maverick Virus to do his bidding. In MegaMan X3, he used Dr. Doppler to create a placebo for the Maverick Virus. He started a war between the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce. He nearly killed humanity in MegaMan X5 during the Eurasia incident. Sigma finally met his end in MegaMan X8. He was killed by Axl, X, and Zero. Similar to Dr. Wily. Sigma continues to influence characters in future series. Characters are often preaching about creating a new world for reploids. Master Albert from MegaMan ZX Advent plan was to reset the world and create a new world for reploids.