Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Card Discussion: Spellbook of Secrets

Add 1 "Spellbook" card from your Deck to your hand, except "Spellbook of Secrets". You can only activate 1 "Spellbook of Secrets" per turn.
Spellcasters reached a new level of power in Return of The Duelist with the introduction of Spellbooks. This archetype of Spell cards enhanced every Spellcaster deck. Spellcasters became much faster and had great field protection against most threats. Spellbook of Secrets is the key card in the entire archetype. It gives you instant access to all your Spellbooks! Spellbook of Secrets has only been printed once as an Ultra Rare and Ultimate Rare in Return of The Duelist.

Spellbook of Secrets searches for any Spellbook card from your deck to help overcome your opponent's current field. You can search for Spellbook of Power to boost your Spellcaster to defeat a strong monster in battle! I will grab a Spellbook of Wisdom if my opponent has face down cards on the field. Then I would be prepared to protect my Spellcaster from any Spell Cards or Traps waiting for my monster. I will draw a Spellbook of Fate to banish my opponent's strongest card on the field.

Furthermore, there are two effective methods to draw or reuse Spellbook of Secrets' effects from the graveyard. Spellbook of the Master copies an effect from a Spellbook spell card in the graveyard. It can copy Spellbook of Secrets' effect to search for a Spellbook card from the deck. I basically have six searchers in my deck. I have access to six cards to help turn the tide in any duel. The new version of Dark Magician of Chaos can draw Spellbook of Secrets from your grave during your end phrase!

Finally, Spellbook of Secrets has a good combo with Temperance of Prophecy. Activate Spellbook of Secrets to draw a Spellbook of Wisdom from your deck. Second, normal summon Temperance of Prophecy. Third, activate Temperance of Prophecy's effect to special summon a strong Spellcaster to the field. Use Spellbook of Wisdom to protect Temperance of Prophecy or your newly summoned Spellcaster from any Spell cards or Trap cards that your opponent may activate to counter you.

Overall, Spellbook of Secrets is the heart and soul of Spellbook decks. It greatly speeds up your deck and you can set up your field quickly with the right combos. It gives players the consistency that they need to play Spellbook decks to their fullest potential. They work great with Dark Magician, Spell Counters, and Prophecy. Open the Spellbook of Secrets to gain access to your deck's most powerful cards for the win!

Card Rating: 5 out of 5