Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Start Deck Review: Knight of The Sun

Knight of The Sun is the second Cardfight!! Vanguard start deck. This starter deck features the Gold Paladins! Knight of The Sun includes 14 new cards, 5 cards with alternate art, and 2 RRR cards! Sunrise Ray Knight, Gurguit is the cover card and one of the two RRR cards. He is a reprinted card from Sovereign Star Dragon. I was already playing him in my Gold Paladin deck and I finally have a complete set of him.

Gold Paladins' strategy is superior calling units from the top of the deck. Adding additional cards to the field without using any cards from your hand is a huge advantage. Gold Paladins once struggled as the skills relied on the top card of the deck. Now you have the option of picking from a group of cards on top of the deck. The skills continue to be based on luck, but you have better odds with more options. Their strategy is effective against decks such as Kagero and Narukami.


Golden Paladins' new ability is Unite. Unite is activated when you call two or more units to a rear-guard circle. You call units from your hand or deck to trigger the ability. Unite is a very consistent ability. Gold Paladins have many units that can call more units from your deck.

Golden Strides

You get three cards for your Extra deck. There are two copies of Golden Dragon, Ray Breath Dragon. He is the first G-unit with the Unite skill. He gains 5,000 power and your front row rear-guards gain 2,000 when Unite has been triggered on the field. Your formation will reach new heights of power. Some of your rear-guards' power can go beyond 20,000 under the proper conditions.

Knight of The Sun includes Golden Dragon, Scourge Point Dragon as a promo card. His skill has a strong chemistry with Sunrise Ray Knight, Gurguit's skill. Superior call an unit from the deck to use Scourge Point Dragon's skill. Both Scourge Point Dragon and your new unit gain 5,000 power.

Key Reprints

Sunrise Ray Knight, Gurguit is the start deck's main grade 3 unit. His reprint features new artwork. His Stride Bonus skill perfectly works with Gold Paladins' new Unite ability. His skill superior calls one Gold Paladin from the top of your deck. You are half way to activating Unite. Just call an unit from your hand and Unite will be online! His Generation Break is one of the best defensive skills in the game. He can superior call a card from the deck to the guardian circle when he is attacked by the opposing vanguard. Perfect Guards can be activated by this skill, and only the Perfect Guards without any restrictions. G Perfect Guards do not work with Gurguit because they must be activated from your hand.

You get a complete set of Dawning Knight, Gorboduc. He is the Stride Enabler and has the ability to search Sunrise Ray Knight, Gurguit from your deck! He is a great addition to the deck. The deck's strategy focuses on striding every turn. You can discard Gorboduc to stride if you do not have a grade 3 unit in your hand to pay for the cost.

The Final Word

Knight of The Sun is one of the best decks ever released by Bushiroad.  I highly recommend Knight of The Sun to beginners and veteran players who want to play Gold Paladin. It has everything I want in a deck. I get a powerful boss unit. The G-units are useful and elevate the deck. The reprints are key selling points. Most importantly, the deck's theme is very consistent. You just need to make minor additions to your deck, and your Gold Paladins can be very competitive. Unite the Gold Paladins and obtain victory!

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5