Wednesday, June 29, 2016

TCG History: Stardust Dragon

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's is my second favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! series after the original series. Each hero has a dragon as his or her best card. It is fitting for Yusei's dragon to be the mightiest dragon of them all. Yusei's signature card Stardust Dragon is the franchise's best card from a main character. It has seen the most play than every other card from a main protagonist. Yusei used Stardust Dragon many times in the clutch to win big games. Stardust Dragon has many evolved forms throughout the years. The majority of its forms and counterparts are Synchro monsters.

Stardust Dragon

Stardust Dragon set the standard for Synchro monsters. Yusei's signature dragon has similar stats to main protagonist's signature monsters. Stardust Dragon was one of the most powerful cards in the game after its first release in the TCG. It gave players protection over their field during either player's turn. It would return to the field at the End Phase.

Shooting Star Dragon

Shooting Start Dragon became Yusei's trump card in season two. Shooting Star Dragon was used to defeat the Nordic Gods and help Yusei triumph over Zone. It has the highest risk and reward effect. Shooting Star Dragon's first skill reveals the top five cards of the deck and Shooting Star Dragon can attack as many as tuners revealed by the skill. You can potentially attack up to five times or cannot attack if zero tuners are revealed by the skill.

Shooting Quasar Dragon

The greatest Synchro monster is Shooting Quasar Dragon. Shooting Quasar Dragon is Yusei's strongest monster in his deck.  Shooting Quasar Dragon turned Yusei's duel against Zone around in Yusei's favor. Its signature attack is The Creation Burst. Shooting Quasar Dragon is infamous for the numerous methods that may use to win with an OTK. Players build decks to win with this card alone.

Stardust Warrior

The next evolution of Stardust Dragon arrived in the Synchron Extreme Structure Deck! Stardust Warrior was a new card under the Stardust archetype. He is also the first version of Stardust Dragon to be a warrior. Stardust Warrior is one of the best Synchro monsters in today's game. His ability negates special summons. Most decks heavily rely on special summons and Stardust Warrior can shut down decks.

Stardust Spark Dragon

Stardust Spark Dragon is similar to its counterpart. It has the ability protect one card on the field for an entire turn. You do not need to banish Stardust Spark Dragon to activate the effect. The effect can be used doing either player's turn. The original can be seen as a far superior card as it protects the entire field from one card.

The Final Word

Stardust Dragon and its various forms will remain as some of the best and most popular cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! Stardust Dragon has made the most impact in the game than every other main character's signature monster. Many decks take advantage of its effects. It provides great field protection and protecting yourself is a key element in every trading card game. I play Stardust Dragon in my Supreme Spellcasters deck and Lightsworn deck. OTK decks for Shooting Quasar Dragon will continue to excite players. Unleash The Creation Burst!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Unit of The Week: Chronofang Tiger

For the ideal future, any sacrifices are allowed. 
[CONT](VC) Generation Break 2:While you are paying the cost for Stride, you may have the cards you discard from hand get grade +3. If you do, bind those cards face up.
[AUTO]:[Choose a card from your hand, and bind it face up] When this unit is placed on (VC), you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your opponent's rear-guards. Your opponent returns that unit to his or her deck, searches his or her deck for up to one card with grade -2 than that unit, calls it to (RC), and shuffles his or her deck. (Your opponent can choose not to find a card if there is none he or she wishes to call)
Gear Chronicle finally has an alternative vanguard for Chronojet Dragon. We were introduced to Chronofang Tiger in Cardfight!! Vanguard G Stride Gate. He is one of Gear Chronicle's leaders. He excels in close combat. It is a risky fighting style, but Chronofang Tiger has perfected his craft. Chronofang Tiger's skills are a Generation Break and an on ride ability.

Chronofang Tiger has a Generation Break 2 skill. Cards discarded for Stride become grade 3 units and they are bound face up. You can perform Stride at every turn after Generation Break 2 is online. Consistency is the key to every deck. Striding every turn is a huge advantage because you will always have access to triple drive. Stride Interdimensional Beast, Metallica Phoenix for your first G-unit because its skill turns a face down G-unit face up. Generation Break 2 will be online for the remainder of the match.

Support for Chronofang Tiger is pretty good so far in its short time in the game. Steam Knight, Mudar is the perfect card to play with Chronofang Tiger's skill. Stride becomes fee with both units' skills combined. Mudar can be superior called from the bind zone. Discard Mudar to pay for Stride. Then use Mudar's skill to superior call him from the bind zone.

The second skill forces your opponent to return an unit to his or her deck and he or she has the option to replace it with a unit with two grades less than the original unit. The skill has its benefits and problems. Your opponent's formation loses a lot of power in an instant. However, grade 2 units and grade 3 units can be replaced with weaker units with good skills. Many new triggers have skills. Opponents can rebound by getting a trigger with an useful skill.

Overall, Chronofang Tiger is a great vanguard for the G-era with G-units dominating the game. Players will welcome a breath of fresh air for having a new grade 3 for Gear Chronicle. The clan was lacking diversity in grade 3 units. Steam Knight, Mudar is just the first of new cards supporting Chronofang Tiger! Chronofang Tiger will only become a better card over time.

Card Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Legend Deck Review: The Overlord Blaze Toshiki Kai

The Overlord Blaze Toshiki Kai is the most wanted decks in the history of Cardfight!! Vanguard. The Overlord Blaze Toshiki Kai includes one full deck, an extra deck with eight cards, and a deck box. It features one the series' most popular characters from the anime and one of the game's most dominating archetypes returns with new support. Toshiki Kai returns with his avatar Dragonic Overlord in a new evolution. Kai plays this deck in Cardfight!! Vanguard G.

The Legend Returns

Dragonic Overlord "The Legend" is Dragonic Overlord's next evolution. He is a grade 3 unit with Generation Break and the power to become a grade 4 unit. He is able to attack twice per turn just like his predecessors. His second skill is helps you build your hand and set up plays. You can draw a flame dragon from the top five cards of your deck. I would either draw a grade 3 to use to pay for Stride or a perfect guard if I need the defense.

Generation Stride

The Legend Deck includes 8 G-units. You are half way to completing your extra deck! The deck has two copies of Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord "the Ace", four copies of Transcendence Divine Dragon, Nouvelle Vague L’Express, and two copies of Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Vortex Desire. Your extra deck only needs eight more cards to be complete. Add G-Guardians and another offensive G-unit to complete the extra deck.

New Dragonic Overlord Support

Nearly every card in The Overlord Blaze supports all of Dragonic Overlord's forms. Emperor Dragon Knight, Nehalem is the best offensive rear-guard in the deck. He gains 2,000 power when you have an Overlord vanguard and 5,000 power when your grade 4 Overlord attacks a vanguard. Berserk Lord Dragon is also a great card. He retires a grade 2 or less rear-guard when your grade 4 vanguard attacks a vanguard. You can wreck your opponent's front row by having two copies of Berserk Lord Dragon on the field.

The only bad card in this deck is Amber Dragon, Midnight. I tested this deck without making changes to it, and often had a problem because I was forced to ride Amber Dragon, Midnight. None of my rear-guards were able to use their skills. They require an Overlord to be my vanguard. Adding any previous form of Dragonic Overlord fixes this issue. I replaced Amber Dragon, Midnight with the original Dragonic Overlord. The deck maintained its consistency.

The Final Word

The Overlord Blaze Toshiki Kai is by far the best deck released by Bushiroad. The deck is very competitive on its own. Amber Dragon, Midnight is the only questionable card in the entire deck. I am having fun playing this deck. A player at my locals won a tournament with this deck. It is one of the strongest decks in current format. I will test different versions of this deck with Dragonic Overlord the End and Dragonic Overlord the Great.

Legend Deck Rating: 5 out of 5

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Unit of The Week: Dark Dragon, Distress Dragon

[Stride]-Stride Step-[Choose one or more cards with the sum of their grades being 3 or greater from your hand, and discard them] Stride this card on your (VC) from face down.
[ACT](VC)[1/Turn]:[Counter Blast (3) & Soul Blast (3) & Choose a face down card from your G zone, and turn it face up] Choose any number of your rear-guards, and retire them. Your opponent chooses the same number of his or her rear-guards as the number of your rear-guards retired with this effect, and retires them. If the total number retired with this effect is six or more, draw two cards, Counter Charge (1)/Soul Charge (1), and this unit gets [Power]+20000 until end of turn.
Dark Dragon, Distress Dragon is one many dragons in Shadow Paladins to be a G-unit. His signature weapon is a gigantic lance in an aura of lighting. He is a RRR Fighter's Collection 2016. Bushiroad has not revealed his lore. His origins remain a mystery for now.

Dark Dragon, Distress Dragon's skill retires any number of your rear-guards and your opponent must retire the same amount of rear-guards. You can draw a card, counter charge, and soul charge if you force six units to retire with his skill.  His power becomes 35,000 before adding power from the heart and booster. The increase in power is the most attractive feature from the skill. It pressures your opponent. Not guarding would be risking defeat if you can check three critical triggers. Your opponent is forced to guard with a perfect guard or defend the vanguard with many cards from his or her hand.

The best play is to retire your three units in the back row and force your opponent to retire three of his or her rear-guards. This fulfills Dark Dragon, Distress Dragon's requirements to regain some of your resources. You can call the two new cards in your hand to replace your rear-guards. You can retire all five rear-guards to force your opponent to retire all of his or her rear-guards, but I do not recommend this tactic. You would be giving up too many resources and you opponent could easily superior call more units if he or she is playing Gold Paladins or Royal Paladins.

Dark Dragon, Distress Dragon needs a lot of support to minimize his skill's hefty cost. Cursed Eye Raven is the one of the few Shadow Paladins that supports Dark Dragon, Distress Dragon. Cursed Eye Raven returns to your deck to superior call the top two cards from your deck. Your new units can be retired under Dark Dragon, Distress Dragon's effect. You lost one card to gain an additional unit to retire.

Overall, Dark Shadow Paladins have better options than Dragon, Distress Dragon. He is outclassed by every Shadow Paladin G-unit before his release. Supremacy Black Dragon, Aurageyser Dragon, Dark Dragon, Phantom Blaster "Diablo", and Dark Dragon, Spectral Blaster "Diablo" are more popular cards among players. They give up far less resources and are bigger threats on the field. Dark Dragon, Distress Dragon is just a poorly designed card. You give up too many resources to gain 20,000 and nothing more from the skill. I do not expect to see Dark Dragon, Distress Dragon in competitive decks.

Card Rating: 2 out of 5

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Future Trunks Protects The Future

(Your Drills are not discarded when advancing from this level.)
Whenever you play a card with "Sword" in the title, Rejuventate 1.
Power: Use when entering combat. Search your Life Deck for a non-Styled Drill and place it into play.
Future Trunks returned to DragonBall last Saturday. Now he gets a new Level 1 personality card. Future Trunks has three options for his level 1 slot. This is also Future Trunks's strongest level 1 card. Trunks Protective is a good level 1 Main Personality with the set from DragonBall Z Evolution. I can easily switch level 1 Trunks for Trunks Protective. This new card does not fit with Trunks' first set. His first set revolved around control and looking at the top cards of your deck. Trunks Protective does not mash good with the first set's support such as Trucks' Sword Stance.


Sword is an exclusive archetype to Future Trunks. You may rejuvenate one card whenever you play card with Sword in the title. You are rewarded for playing cards with Sword in their titles. Rejuvenate Swords to create a loop. You can cycle between two cards every turn. Aggressive Sword Drill can search for the rejuvenated Sword from the previous and the card can be played. Then rejuvenate any Sword card and it be searched for on your next turn with Aggressive Sword Drill!

There are cards with Sword in their title for every Style. Trunks has a strong arsenal of Sword cards. Trunks' Sword Slash is my favorite card with Trunks' name in it. I search for this card and begin to banish cards from my opponent's discard pile. I can make combos with my Saiyan Energy attacks if Trunks' Sword Slash is able to hit my opponent. Dashing Sword Attack is another physical combat card that can draw a card with Sword in its title from the discard pile if the attack hits the opponent. Saiyan Sword Strike is a good card if you can time it correctly. The attack is unstoppable if your opponent passed on his or her last action in combat.


Trunks' power searches for a Non-style Drill and place into play when you enter combat. You can use Trunks' skill to search for Aggressive Sword Drill, but you cannot use the Drill's skill in the same turn as Trunks' skill. I do not have an issue with the slow connection. You can use Aggressive Sword Drill on your following turns. Aggressive Sword Drill will search for your swords every turn at the start of combat. You are able to establish a board early in the match. You retain the Drills from using this skill when you advance a level. Trunks' Level 2 personalities have a much higher power level and can take dominate games with physical attacks.

The Final Word

Trunks Protective works best with his personality set from Evolution. Trunks Protective continues to set the bar for Trunks' personalities. He goes great in Black and Saiyan decks. Trunks Protective interacts with his Sword archetype. Trunks decks with Swords have gained a major boost in power and consistency. He establishes a strong presence on the board and can maintain it when he advances to his next level. I want this test this new Main Personality card in my Trunks deck, but I am the only DBZ TCG player at my locals. Change the future with Trunks Protective!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Unit of The Week: Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop

A precious dream that was shut away in the heart. And now it takes shape. 
[AUTO](VC) Generation Break 2:When this unit attacks a vanguard, if this unit's [Power] is 22000 or greater, this unit gets drive+1 until end of that battle.
[AUTO](VC):During your turn, when your G unit Stride, choose one of your vanguards, until end of turn, it gets [Power]+4000 and "[AUTO](VC):[Counter Blast (1)] When this unit's attack hits a vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, draw a card.".
Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop is the Cosmic Heroes' leader. The Cosmic Heroes fight for justice and joined the Dimension Police after they arrived on Cray. They share the same political views as their new comrades. Grandgallop's strong leadership skills guide the young Cosmic Heroes. He has quickly become one of the Dimension Police's most influential leaders.

Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop is one of the few grade 3 units with ability to obtain Triple Drive. His Generation Break grants him an additional drive check if his power is 22,000 or greater when he attacks a vanguard. You will have quicker access to your triggers and key cards for your hand. The Triple Drive increases your chances of checking triggers to apply to your vanguard or standing rear-guards. I will apply trigger effects to my rear-guards if my opponent blocks my vanguard's attack with a perfect guard.

Furthermore, the troops give their power to their energetic leader. These units spread power among each other and trigger skills to give power to Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop. Cosmic Hero, Grandlady,Cosmic Hero, Grandfire, and Cosmic Hero, Grandwagon are just three of the many Cosmic Heroes with abilities to energize Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop. Cosmic Hero, Grandsub gives power and an ability to your vanguard. Grandgallop gains the ability to force your opponent to retire one of his or her units if his attack hits a vanguard.

The stride bonus skill is amazing with many G-units. It enables G-units' abilities by boosting their power to their skill's requirement.  His ability will allow you to draw a card if the vanguard's attack hits the opposing vanguard. Super Cosmic Hero, X-falcon, Super Cosmic Hero, X-gallop, and Super Cosmic Hero, X-tiger are the best G-units with Grandgallop. X-gallop is Grandgallop's best G-unit because he can gain access to Quadruple Drive. Super Cosmic Hero, X-falcon is also another reliable option. X-falcon has the potential to instantly win games with his ability to damage the opponent by sending a rear-guard to the damage zone.

However, Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop is very dependent on his comrades. The rear-guards prepare the center column for combat. He would not be able to function without them giving power to him. Decks with the ability to easy retire or lock rear-guards will be able to bully Grandgallop and the G-units. Kagero, Narukami, and Link Joker will easily be able to shut down Grandgallop.  You will be forced to call many units from your hand to able to maintain the Cosmic Heroes' strategy.

Overall, Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop is a great vanguard when you have a proper field to support his and your G-units' skills. His Generation Break is very powerful. I cannot forget his Stride skill. Super Cosmic Heroes G-units are able to reach their skill's requires with his's skill boost in power. His only weakness is heavily depending on rear-guards to trigger his Generation Break. Gallop to justice with Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop!

Card Rating: 4 out of 5

Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly

Broly is one of the most popular DragonBall characters to never appear in the manga and anime. He is famous for being the legendary Super Saiyan of legend. Vegeta fears him. Goku defends the innocent from him. Gohan, Goten, and Trunks battled him in an epic showdown. Broly has finally joined the battle in DragonBall Z Trading Card Game. This Saiyan warrior made a huge impact in Score's DragonBall Z Collectible Card Game.

Level 1 - Broly Survivor
After your opponent's MP advances a level, your opponent's MP loses 5 stages.
Power: Physical Attack.
Raise your anger 1 level. You may reveal 2 attack cards from your hand to banish the top card of your opponent's Life Deck.
Damage: 4 stages.
Broly starts out very slow. His powers are still pretty good. He just is not nearly as strong as his higher levels. The first power decreases an opponent's power stages after he or she advance a level. This is good for a deck with a lot of physical attacks. The second power is a physical attack. It banishes the top card of an opponent's deck by revealing two cards. The upside is you can banish an important card from your opponent's deck. However, there is a major setback. Your opponent can prepare for the cards that you revealed to activate the skill. Your opponent can prepare for your upcoming strategy.

Level 2 - Broly Determined
After your opponent's MP advances a level, your opponent's MP loses 7 stages. Physical attacks performed by this personality deal +2 stages of damage.
Power: Banish the top card of your opponent's Life Deck.
You may reveal 2 attack cards from your hand to banish a Setup or Drill.
Broly's second level is a modified version of his first level. His second power automatically banishes the top card of your opponent's Life Deck and you can also reveal 2 attack cards from your hand to banish a Setup or Drill. However, the second power also has the same setback as the first skill. It also has greater rewards. You can banish up to two cards!

Level 3 - Broly Legendary
After your opponent's MP advances a level, all of your opponent's personalities lose 7 stages. Physical attacks performed by this personality deal +3 stages of damage.
Power: Physical Attack.
You may reveal 2 attack cards from your hand to draw a card. Damage: 4 stages.
Level 3 is where Broly becomes an elite personality. He hits hard and hits often! The first power continues to punish your opponent for advancing levels. Their personalities become vulnerable to physical attacks. Allies and the Main Personality lose seven power stages after the opposing Main Personality advances a level. Allies become less useful in combat.

His second power is amazing. Broly performs a physical attack. The power also gives you the ability to draw a card during combat. You only need to reveal two attack cards from your hand to draw a card. You can potentially draw another physical attack card to perform more attacks in combat. A good strategy for a deck with Broly is to add a lot of physical attack cards. Broly would have a greater chance of drawing an attack card. He can absolutely dominate your opponent in combat.

Level 4 - Broly Relentless
Your opponent cannot use Endurance. Physical attacks performed by this personality deal +4 stages of damage and their damage is banished.
Power: Banish the top 2 cards of your opponent's Life Deck. You may reveal 4 attack cards in your hand to banish any amount of Setups, Drills, and Allies.
Broly becomes almost unstoppable at level 4. You want his physical attacks to hit hard and hit often. Your opponent cannot use Endurance to prevent damage from any attack. Broly's physical attacks deal +4 stages of damage. He has the highest power level at this time in the game. He can easily stack a lot of life card of damage if he can decrease an opponent's power stage to zero. He clears the opponent's board. This game has not been very friendly towards Allies outside of Captain Ginyu's deck. Broly banishes all of your opponent's Allies, Drills, and Setups to the next dimension!

Broly's Named Cards

Broly's named cards are great. They bring out the best in Broly's character. Broly's Eraser Cannon is an interesting energy attack. The attack deals damage to an opponent's stages. It automatically banishes an Ally, Drill, or Setup in play. It can also banish another Ally, Drill, or Setup if it hits the opposing main personality.

I would play three copies of Broly's Face Crusher. It has the perfect defense of 10 endurance. You will take little to no damage if it is revealed doing a damage check. It is also a good physical attack. It draws a style physical attack and the damage is AT life cards.

Saiyan Style

Broly wins by MPPV and Life Deck victory. Saiyan Rampaging Mastery quickly advances Broly to his stronger levels. His hard hitting physical attacks will break your opponent's stages and force life cards of damage. Saiyan is the perfect style for Broly. There are great physical attacks that bring out Broly's full potential. Saiyan Gut Kick is a great card to play with Broly. Your opponent's next action in combat is skipped. Saiyan Elbow Drop remains on the field to be played twice in combat. You can continue the beatdown with an ongoing assault.

The Final Word

Broly starts slow, but he finishes strong as he advances to his higher levels. He is built for physical beatdown decks with a Saiyan mastery. Broly has a lot of potential with Saiyan Rampaging Mastery. He can quickly level up and perform physical attacks with the Mastery's ability. You want to advance Broly as quickly as possible to use his strongest powers. I am expecting a lot of players to be playing Broly in the upcoming format. Check out Erik's article on Broly at Some Card Game Blog!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Unit of The Week: Holy Dragon, Religious Soul Saver

The holy dragon, has bravery hidden within its heart. 
[Stride] (Released when both players' vanguards are grade 3 or greater!)-Stride Step-[Choose one or more cards with the sum of their grades being 3 or greater from your hand, and discard them] Stride this card on your (VC) from face down.
[AUTO](VC):[Counter Blast (1) & Choose a face down card named "Holy Dragon, Religious Soul Saver" from your G zone, and turn it face up] When this unit is placed on (VC), if you have a heart card with "Blaster" in its card name, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose up to three of your units, and they get [Power]+5000 until end of turn. Then, if the number of cards in your soul with "Blaster" in its card name is two or more, this unit gets [Critical]+1 until end of turn.
Holy Dragon, Religious Soul Saver is the evolved form of Soul Savor Dragon. Soul Savor Dragon was one of the best cards in the game at the beginning of Cardfight!! Vanguard. It shares the same skill as its predecessor. The new design has gold armor to give a sign of high status to the card. This powerful dragon provides more support to the legendary Blaster Blade.

Holy Dragon, Religious Soul Saver's skill gives 5,000 power to three of your units and gains an extra critical if you have two or more Blasters in your soul. That is an additional 15,000 power to your formation. Spread the power to each column to maximize each column's potential to hit your opponent's vanguard. Opponents will most likely use a G-Guardian or Sentinel to block your vanguard's attack, but your powered up rear-guards will become a greater threat if you can add critical triggers to them.

Players do not have many options to play a grade 3 Blaster unit in Royal Paladin decks. The majority of Blaster Blade's cards are grade 2. He only has three grade 3 versions of himself. Blaster Blade Burst, Exculpate the Blaster, and Majesty Lord Blaster.  Only Exculpate the Blaster and Majesty Lord Blaster are available in the English game. Majesty Lord Blaster is the best option if you are going to play a grade 3 with Blaster in its name. Majesty Lord Blaster's power becomes 12,000 after Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark are in the soul. You can quickly stride Holy Dragon, Religious Soul Saver.

Furthermore, your next option is Legion. Three legions require Blaster Blade or Blaster Blade Seeker as their Legion Mate. Seeker, Sacred Wingal, Light Source Seeker, Alfred, and Seeker, Thing Saver Dragon have Blaster Blade Seeker as their mate. Playing is slower to play as you must first activate Legion to have Blaster Blade as a vanguard. However, you can recycle triggers and perfect guards back into your deck. You can potentially reuse triggers throughout the fight.

Holy Dragon, Religious Soul Saver gains an extra critical if the soul has two or more cards with Blaster in their names. This is easier to set up with the new support for Blaster Blade. Blasters now have grade one units such as Swordsman of Light, Blaster Rapier Laura. Blaster Dark also counts as a Blaster in the soul as Holy Dragon, Religious Soul Saver accepts Blasters from every clan!

Overall, Holy Dragon, Religious Soul Saver is an effective unit in Blaster decks. All of your units benefit from the skill if you evenly distribute the power to each column. The second skill is more consistent because the archetype has more support from grade 1 units. The extra critical forces more pressure on your opponent. Unite with Blaster Blade and summon Holy Dragon, Religious Soul Saver to protect the United Sanctuary!

Card Rating 5 out of 5

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Royal Paladins Deserve A Better Skill Than Brave

Bushiroad introduced key words for clans in Cardfight!! Vanguard G. Key words are for a clan's signature ability. They notify a player when the ability is active and how it can be used in the game. Gear Chronicle's key word is Time-Leap. Units are bound to superior call units with higher grades. Wave perfectly fits with Aqua Force. The mechanic is just like Aqua Force's signature ability and it activation is based on your attack's order. Royal Paladins were given Brave.

Brave is a horrible concept for Royal Paladins. Brave activates when you have three or less cards in your hand. You must carefully control your hand to successfully activate Brave. You do not want too many cards in your hand. You must defend the vanguard and often call units to the field to maintain the skill's availability. This is an odd mechanic for Royal Paladins because the clan's theme is social solidarity. The clan's signature ability is to gain power by having allies on the field. It is similar to Gold Paladin's Unite skill. Unite only activates when two or more Gold Paladins are called to the field.

It is bad to have less than three cards in your hand to trigger effects. You cannot be able to consistently defend your vanguard. Hand size still extremely important in trading card games.  Defense is the key to winning games. Most of Cardfight!! Vanguard's strategies rely on having a good offense. Some decks do have a defensive mind set. Perfect Guards, G-Guardians and triggers are your most defense cards. You must have them to win games. You will lose games if you are unable to consistently guard the vanguard. Draw triggers are not good for this type of deck. I love draw triggers for drawing an extra card. I want to get to my key cards sooner than later.

The Royal Paladins' key word should have been focused on superior calling allies from the deck and gaining power when you have a full field. Many Royal Paladin decks such as Alfred and Sanctuary Guard Dragon are about surrounding yourself with your allies. Your vanguards will gain power and your allies will gain new skills. Brave is not about that at all. It is such a huge disappointment for my favorite clan.

The Final Word

I have no idea what Bushiroad was thinking when they made Brave for Royal Paladin. Brave is by far the worst key word among the clans.  The remaining clans' key words are based on each clan's signature trait. A tiny hand was never the theme for Royal Paladins. The Royal Paladins deserve a better mechanic than Brave. I want Royal Paladins to have a mechanic based on their social solidarity. They are a group of warriors, who make each other stronger. I will stay with my Alfred Legion deck and my Seekers deck!