My First Z Battle

I played my first game of Dragon Ball Z TCG at my locals last Saturday. I have been a collector for over a decade without playing a single game. This sounds crazy to most players, but there were not any players in my town. I asked a friend to learn the game with me. We both made mistakes and please point out the mistakes for I can correct them.

We only tested two decks. Future Trunks with Saiyan Empowered Mastery and Frieza with Red Ascension Mastery were the two decks. I slightly edited my deck from the Awakening Starter Deck by adding Frieza as the deck's Main Personality. My friend George tested the deck with Frieza and I tested my deck with Future Trunks from set one. I have not upgraded my deck with Future Trunks in over a year. It is the same deck in the video below.

Lord Frieza's Revenge!

Frieza was dominant throughout the game. Frieza's powers and the Red Ascension Mastery focus on gaining anger to advance levels. The majority of the cards gained anger after using it or hitting my Main Personality in combat. My friend was able to gain a lot of anger to advance Frieza to every level. Frieza's skill from his level one card pushed him to reach MPPV.

Future Trunks Struggles

My Future Trunks deck really struggled throughout the game. My inexperience in the game and the deck's construction were influential factors of losing the game. I was not able to gain control for a more than a single turn. The deck's main problem was not being able to land many attacks and not take advantage of my allies. I was not able to use my Allies' abilities. I was not able to always use Saiyan Empower Mastery's ability to gain anger and stages because most of my attacks were blocked.

MPPV Victory

MPPV Victory is one of the most difficult methods to win the game. It takes pure skill to earn it. My friend won by archiving Most Powerful Personality Victory. He actually won the game before I realized it on my turn. He reached level four and five anger during his previous turn. He used the combination of Frieza's skills and Red styled cards to advance levels. I could not keep his anger down to zero. Frieza was off to the races.

The Final Word

My first game was very fun. I learned a lot about the game's style and my deck with Future Trunks. I am going to make changes to my deck with Future Trunks. I will add the Sword cards to enhance the deck and make more combos in combat. Frieza's deck is fine with the cards from the starter deck. I will make a few additions such as Zarbon to help Frieza quickly raise his anger in combat. I cannot wait to go back to my local store for another round of Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game!

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