Saturday, March 25, 2017

Unit of The Week: Holy Dragon, Myriad Soul Saver

Several thousands of light, will illuminate the path leading to hope. 
(This card cannot be in your main deck)
[Stride] (Released when both players' vanguards are grade 3 or greater!)-Stride Step-[Choose one or more cards with the sum of their grades being 3 or greater from your hand, and discard them] Stride this card on your (VC) from face down. (When this card strides, it gains the power and card name of one heart. At the end of the turn, return it face up)
[AUTO](VC):[Soul Blast (3)] When this unit attacks a vanguard, if you have a heart card with "Alfred" or "Blaster" in its card name, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose up to five of your rear-guards, they get [Power]+5000 until end of turn.
The legendary Soul Saver Dragon has returned as a G-Unit Holy Dragon, Myriad Soul Saver! Its art is amazing! The art is a great representation of Soul Savor unleashing power to your entire formation. Soul Savor Dragon was a very popular card during its era. Players used it as a second vanguard behind King of Knights, Alfred. Holy Dragon, Myriad Soul Saver brings me back to the early days of vanguard. I cannot wait to watch Aichi stride Holy Dragon, Myriad Soul Saver for a big play!

Holy Dragon, Myriad Soul Saver's skill is based on the original Soul Saver Dragon's skill. The new skill gives 5,000 power to five of your rear-guards. Your formation gains 25,000 power before triggers take affect. Rear-guards will be attacking vanguards at very high numbers. Critical triggers can make them more dangerous to handle.

Furthermore, you will need a heart with Alfred or Blaster in its name to use the skill. Luminous Light King of Knights, Alfred Oath is the newest card with Alfred in its title. He is great for superior calling two units to the field. You will have two targets for Holy Dragon, Myriad Soul Saver's skill. We do not know what Blaster Blade Exceed will bring to the table. His skills have not been revealed as of this post.

Finally, Holy Dragon, Myriad Soul Saver has a strong need for a lot of cards in the soul. You are going to need to Soul Charge often if you want to Stride Holy Dragon, Myriad Soul Saver more than once in a game. Royal Paladins have many cards with abilities to build the soul. Gliding Eagle and Margal are draw triggers without the ability go into the soul to give power to use units. I play both cards in various decks. They great for drawing extra cards and building the soul.

Overall, Holy Dragon, Myriad Soul Saver is an amazing G-Unit. You may play it at any time because it is not restricted with a Generation Break. If you have the soul to play the cost, then you will be able to player multiple Holy Dragon, Myriad Soul Saver times in a game. I am going to play its skill for a finisher. A full formation with the power boost will be difficult to defend against. Royal Paladins under Alfred and Blaster Blade appear to be on their way to dominate the game again.

Card Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Trial Deck Review: Flower Princess of Abundant Blooming

I pre-ordered the new trial decks Divine Knight of Heavenly Decree and Flower Princess of Abundant Blooming on Amazon. Flower Princess of Abundant Blooming did not fail to disappoint me. The deck includes 50 cards and the extra deck has two copies of the new G-Unit. Neo Nectars under Ahsha have become one of the best clans. Their bloom ability can create ridiculously strong attacks. I wanted this trial deck to upgrade my Neo Nectar deck with Ranunculus Flower Maiden, Ahsha.

Grade 3 Reprint

Ranunculus Flower Maiden, Ahsha was reprinted for the third time. I love her new art much more than her original art. She looks more mature with a bright facial expression and the card is more colorful than her darker art. I do not mind Ahsha getting a reprint over her new card in TRY3 Next. She is a great card to have in your Neo Nectar deck. Her skills are very effective. Reprints give easier access to cards for new players. New players can buy two trial decks and have a complete set of Ranunculus Flower Maiden, Ahsha.

Stride Generation

Flower Princess of Faith, Celine is the new G-Unit from the trial deck. Her skill works well with Ahsha's ability. She is exactly what Neo Nectar decks need if the player does not have any rear-guards to clone o the field. She calls a card from your hand. Then, you may use Ahsha's skill to superior call a copy of the new rear-guard. It is a very basic combo for new players. New players can easily learn Neo Nectar's strategy.


We also get many new cards with Bloom and cards that support the Bloom ability. Osmanthus Maiden, Anelma is the third RRR card in the deck. A complete set of Osmanthus Maiden, Anelma is included in the trial deck. Her skill is simple and effective. Her Bloom ability gives 2,000 power to three units of your choice and allows Osmanthus Maiden, Anelma to boost until the end of your turn.

Irrigating Maiden, Ramona is one of the few cards without the Bloom ability, but her skill supports cards with Bloom. She gains 2,000 power if you have two more units with the Bloom ability on the field and if her attack hits, you may draw a card with Bloom among your deck's top five cards. She adds more pressure on your opponent. You can gain a free card if he or she allows Ramona's attack hit the vanguard. She is a nice card for a deck on a budget.

Key Cards

Flower Princess of Abundant Blooming includes typical key cards from almost every trial released after Cardfight!! Vanguard G. You will receive four critical triggers, six draw triggers, two stand triggers, and four heal triggers. Color Pixy, Quitterie is Neo Nectar's cutest heal triggers. She is going in my deck! The trial deck also includes a complete set of perfect guards. Pis Tateo is the trial deck's perfect guard. New players do not need to spend a lot of money to start playing Cardfight!! Vanguard with a decent deck. Cardfight!! Vanguard is a cheaper game for beginners than in its early years.

The Final Word

Flower Princess of Abundant Blooming has everything that I want from a trial deck. Every new card has value for its respected clan and archetype. There is not a single useless card in the box. The trial deck's high value makes it a great product for new players and veterans. Veterans like myself will test the new cards to discover their value in the current format. New players will quickly learn Neo Nectar's strategy. I can use it to build a budget deck or use its best cards to build a competitive deck. Be sure to check out my card fights with my improved Neo Nectar on YouTube!

Trial Deck Rating: 5 out of 5

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Unit of The Week: Ranunculus of Searing Heart, Ahsha

Turn your wistful emotions into the strength for tomorrow. 
Bloom-[AUTO](VC) Generation Break 2:When your other unit with the same card name as this unit is placed on (RC), Counter Charge (1)/Soul Charge (1).
[AUTO](VC):At the end of each turn, choose a card from your hand, and you may call it to (RC).
[AUTO](VC):[Counter Blast (1) & Soul Blast (1)] When your G unit Stride during your turn, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your rear-guards, search your deck for up to one card with the same card name as that unit, call it to (RC), shuffle your deck, and the unit called with this effect gets "Boost" until end of turn.
Ranunculus of Searing Heart, Ahsha is one of the RRR cards from TRY3 Next. I was lucky enough to pull one from my booster box. I always seem to get the best cards in every booster box. Ranunculus of Searing Heart, Ahsha is arguably the best card in the set. All of her skills work in perfect harmony. Two full sets of Ahsha give more consistency to decks with Ranunculus vanguards and units that support Ranunculus.

First, Ahsha starts with a Bloom ability. It is very useful when you need to build the soul for your G-Units and the counter charge is a nice touch. I would not use this ability very often unless I needed extra resources for skills. I want to keep extra grade three cards in my hand to discard for Stride. Do not expect to use this skill very often. It is here if you need more resources for the Stride skill.

Secondly, more preparations are made for Ahsha's Stride skill. The second skill calls a card from your hand to the field at the end of each turn. This skill can be used at the end of your opponent's turn. You basically are setting up your next turn. You will have a unit to clone on the field with Ahsha's third skill. The best option is to call a unit with the Bloom ability. More amazing combos will be available for you,

Thirdly, your new unit from your second skill is ready to be cloned with units from the deck. The third skill is a Stride skill and superior calls or clones a unit on the field. This skill is very similar to Ranunculus Flower Maiden, Ahsha's skill. Copy a unit with the Bloom ability to trigger Bloom and increase your formation's power. You must pay one counter blast and soul blast to activate the skill. The requirements are almost meaningless. Ranunculus decks do not heavily depend on counter blasts.
Finally, Neo Nectar has many new and old cards that perfectly Bloom. I am currently playing a lineup of Greenshot Elf and Osmanthus Maiden, Anelma for my grade 2 units. Anelma is the better card. Her Bloom ability gives 2,000 power to three units of your choice. Anelma also gains boost if a unit with Ranunculus in its name is your vanguard! Greenshot Elf is slightly different. Her Bloom ability only gives 2,000 power to units with the same name. She is a decent card if you are on a budget or do not want to spend a lot of money on individual cards.

Overall, Ranunculus of Searing Heart, Ahsha is a perfect alternative option for Ranunculus Flower Maiden, Ahsha. You cannot go wrong with either vanguard. Both cards generation advantages on every turn that you stride your G-Unit. Ranunculus of Searing Heart, Ahsha is slightly better because all of her skills support each other. Each skill sets up the next skill. Bloom to victory with Ranunculus of Searing Heart, Ahsha!

Card Rating: 5 out of 5

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Unit of The Week: Draganger, Ogma

The flames of anger, together alongside that body scorches the world. 
[Stride]-Stride Step-[Choose one or more cards with the sum of their grades being 3 or greater from your hand, and discard them] Stride this card on your (VC) from face down.
[ACT](VC)[1/Turn] Ritual 5 (Active if there are five or more grade 1 cards in your drop zone):[Counter Blast (1) & Soul Blast (1) & Choose a face down card from your G zone, and turn it face up] Choose up to five of your grade 1 rear-guards, retire them, your opponent chooses a card from his or her hand or rear-guards for each retired unit, and put it into the drop zone. If the total number of rear-guards put into drop zone of both players with this effect is three or more, you draw a card.
Ritual has become of the best keywords in Cardfight!! Vanguard. It is a simple mechanic and can be easily activated. Draganger, Ogma is the first Shadow Paladin to have Ritual 5.  Ritual 5 is similar to a Generation Break 2. It is unlikely to be available for your first Stride unless you dumped a lot of grade one units into your drop zone early in the game. Draganger, Ogam's ability is best saved for the late stages of a game.

Draganger, Ogma's skill retires up to five grade 1 rear-guards and your opponent discard cards or retire rear-guards for each of your retired units. Ogma retires opposing rear-guards and has the potential to force your opponent to discards from his or her hand. Guarding will become more difficult for your opponent. This skill has a lot of potential if you correctly play it. It is not a skill to be used in every game. You must use it under the proper circumstances in a game. Unaware opponents will not see this skill coming at them. They will most likely become frustrated after being forced to discard cards from their hands.

Furthermore, I will only play him in the perfect scenario. My opponent needs to have a few rear-guards on the field or an empty field to abuse Draganger, Ogma's skill. The strategy is to force my opponent to discard as many cards as possible before I go on the offense. His or her defensive capabilities will become limited with less cards in hand. I will have a major advantage if my vanguard's attack is unable to be blocked and I checked triggers to add power and effects to my formation. Victory will be in my grasp.

Finally, a deck with Draganger, Ogma will need cards with skills to draw extra cards. I want to makeup for all of the units that were retired for Ogma's skill. Black-winged Swordbreaker is the perfect card to play to regain resources. She must be called from the deck to use her skill. Dragheart, Luard's skill is able to superior call up to two copies of  her. Then you may pay her skill's cost to draw an additional card.

Overall, Draganger, Ogma can be a great card if you correctly play him. I want to test him in my Diablo/Ritual deck. He is not a unit to be played at any time during a game. You may not need to play him in every game. His ability should only be used in the perfect setting. You need to perfectly time his skill and force your opponent to lose as many cards as possible from his or her hand. Dominate the opposition with Draganger, Ogma!

Card Rating: 5 out of 5

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Unit of The Week: Exceptional Expertise, Rising Nova

Come on, let's go! Everybody follow me!
[AUTO](VC) Generation Break 2:[Choose a card from your hand, and put it into your soul] When this unit attacks a vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, search your deck for up to one card, call it to an open (RC), and shuffle your deck.
[AUTO](VC):During your turn, when your G unit Stride, choose up to one of your vanguards, and until end of turn, it gets "[AUTO](VC):[Counter Blast (1) & Choose a card from your hand, and put it into your soul] When this unit attacks a vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, search your deck for up to one card, call it to an open (RC), shuffle your deck, and that unit gets [Power]+5000 until end of turn.".
Spike Brothers is one of the coolest clans in Cardfight!! Vanguard. They are the only clan with a sports theme. Exceptional Expertise, Rising Nova is the clan's newest Star! He is the most talented player in the league. No one trains as hard as Exceptional Expertise, Rising Nova! You could say he is the Tom Brady of the Spike Brothers!

Generation Break 2 superior calls one Spike Brother from your deck to an open rear-guard circle. You want to call a card that gains abilities after it is superior called from the deck. Your first attackers need to be your rear-guards. Then, you can call fresh substitutions with a combination of skills. You will have an extra attack at your opponent. Cobalt Impulse is a very talented rear-guard to superior call from the deck. You may draw a card and retire a rear-guard if his attack hits a vanguard! His ability regains the card that you placed in your soul for the Generation Break.

The Stride skill is a stronger version of the Generation Break 2. The skill also superior calls a unit, and also gives it 5,000 power. The order of attacks should remain the same. Great Hero, Rising Supernova is the evolved form of Exceptional Expertise, Rising Nova. Great Hero, Rising Supernova is a G-Unit with the ability to make your rear-guards' status change to charging. All rear-guards gain 10,000 power if you have four or more charging units.

Finally, Spike Brothers have a good variety of support for a deck with Exceptional Expertise, Rising Nova. Lethal Forward is one of the new cards with the Charge ability. I would superior call him to the field for additional pressure. He can superior call another card that does not have the same name if his attack hits a vanguard. Heave Wheeze can punish your opponent if you are able to call him from the deck with Lethal Forward's skill. Heave Wheeze gains 10,000 power when his status is charging.

Overall, Exceptional Expertise, Rising Nova is the all-star quarterback for Spike Brothers. He is Spke Brothers' Tom Brady. His abilities help his fellow teammates (units) better. He enables charging after superior calling teammates on the field. You can proceed to activate more combos with your units with the Charge ability. Teammates gain a variety of skills from drawing cards, gaining power, and retiring rear-guards. Are you ready for some football with Exceptional Expertise, Rising Nova?

Card Rating: 4 out of 5