Saturday, April 29, 2017

Unit of The Week: Goddess of Conclusion, Pallas Athena

This fight that has spanned too long, I will invite it towards its end. 
[Stride]-Stride Step-[Choose one or more cards with the sum of their grades being 3 or greater from your hand, and discard them] Stride this card on your (VC) from face down.
[AUTO](VC) Generation Break 8:When this unit attacks a vanguard, Soul Blast any number of cards, and all of your rear-guards get [Power]+2000 for each Soul Blast card until end of turn. If you Soul Blast three or more cards, this unit gets [Power]+10000/[Critical]+1 until end of turn.
Generation Break 8 is the newest strategy in Cardfight!! Vanguard. Generation Break 8 skills are made to defeat your opponent in an amazing turn. Goddess of Conclusion, Pallas Athena is the first Genesis unit with the almighty Generation Break 8. Conclusion is the perfect word in her name. She is naturally designed to quickly win games in your final turn. Her art is very good and my favorite art from a Genesis G-unit.

Genesis's most powerful cards have huge Soul Blasts! Goddess of Conclusion, Pallas Athena's soul blasts any number of cards and your rear-guards gain 2,000 power for each card soul blasted from the soul. Also, she gains 10,000 power and plus one critical until the end of your turn if you Soul Blast three or more cards with her skill. Your rear-guards can easily gain 10,000 power or more if you are able to build a large soul. This skill is designed to conclude the match by defeating your opponent with extremely strong attacks.

Furthermore, Fenrir, Regalia, and Witches will benefit with Goddess of Conclusion, Pallas Athena's presence on the field. Regalia has the most cards to take full advantage of  Goddess of Conclusion, Pallas Athena. Apple Witch, Cider is one of Regalia's best support cards. She can send a lot of cards from the guardian circle to the drop zone and then the cards will be placed into you soul. Her ability can be maximized with Cold Blast Regalia, Svalinn. Their skills combined will send at least seven cards to the soul. Goddess of Conclusion, Pallas Athena's requirements will easily be fulfilled.

Finally, do not worry about emptying your deck to overload Goddess of Conclusion, Pallas Athena's skill. Put as many cards in your soul as possible and Soul Blast every card to create extreme numbers. Remember each card soul blasted will give 2,000 power to each rear-guard. Dreaming Dragon is the best Stand Trigger in Cardfight!! Vanguard. He can return every card from the Drop Zone to your deck. You can never run out of cards in your deck. He removes all consequences from over Soul Charging your soul.

Overall, Goddess of Conclusion, Pallas Athena provides one of the strongest finishers for Genesis. Her sole purpose is to conclude the game by overwhelming the opponent. Dreaming Dragon makes her a better card. You are not punished for putting too many cards from your deck to the soul. Do not limit yourself and overload the soul for an amazing final turn. Conclude the game with Goddess of Conclusion, Pallas Athena to achieve ultimate victory!

Card Rating: 5 out of 5

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

News: Debut of the Divas

Bushiroad has revealed the latest trial deck Debut of the Divas! The Bermuda Triangle clan finally has its very first trial deck. The majority of Bermuda Triangles are only available in extra booster boxes. Now the clan is more accessible for players.  The trial deck includes 54 cards. Each trial deck has 19 new cards and a random SP card of the deck's main grade three card! Debut of the Divas introduces the new theme Chouchou. Be sure to be on the lookout for more updates. I will definitely order two or three copies to finally have a deck of beautiful divas. Debut of the Divas is set to be released in July!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Unit of The Week: History-maker Dragon

At that point, history was created. 
Time Leap-[AUTO](RC) Generation Break 1 (Active if you have one or more face up G units in total on your (VC) or G zone):[Counter Blast (1)] When this unit attacks a vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose up to one of your other rear-guards, and time leap it. (Bind it, call a grade +1 card from your deck, and shuffle your deck. At the end of the turn, put the called unit on the bottom of your deck, and call the bound card)
History-maker Dragon is one of the first units to feature the keyword Time Leap. Time Leap binds a unit and superior calls one unit with a grade higher than the bound unit. Then, the new unit returns to the deck and the bound unit returns to the field at the end of our turn. He was first released in Trial Deck 6: Rallying Call of the Interspectral Dragon. He has since found a home in my Gear Chronicle deck.

History-maker Dragon's Time Leap activates when he attacks a vanguard. Choose one of your other rear-guards and time leap it. You are able to gain an additional attack for the turn. I would first attack with my other grade 2 unit and Time Leap it with History-maker Dragon's skill. Now I would have a grade 3 unit in the front row. My new unit would have enough power to hit the opposing vanguard.

Furthermore, Gear Chronicle has many units with the abilities that trigger when they called to the field and you can take advantage of these abilities during combat. Chrono Dran is a fine target for History-maker Dragon's skill. You are able to create a few plays with Chrono Dran. His skill superior calls Chronojet Dragon or Chronojet Dragon G from the deck and places the card into your hand at the end of the turn.

Finally, you may target Steam Maiden, Melem to Time-Leap from the deck to take Chrono Dran's place on the field. History-maker Dragon's combo begins to expand into many strategic plays. She provides you with offense and additional skills. She returns to the deck for you can superior call a grade zero card. Tick Tock Worker is ban from being a starting vanguard, but he can be called from the deck! Use Steam Maiden, Melem's skill to superior call Tick Tock Worker. Then, proceed to use his skill to superior call Steam Maiden, Melem back to the field!

Overall, History-maker Dragon is a nice complimentary piece to Time-Leap decks. He is one of my favorite units in my Chronojet Dragon deck. You can use his skill early and often in the games. He enables never ending combos. You may use his abilities to gain resources or gain extra attacks during combat. The decision is based on how the game is stacked in your favor. Make a new history in time and space with History-maker Dragon!

Card Rating: 4 out of 5

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Unit of The Week: Holy Sword of Heavenly Law, Gurguit

Answering to those who advance towards the future, the sun emits infinite radiance. 
[Stride]-Stride Step-[Choose one or more cards with the sum of their grades being 3 or greater from your hand, and discard them] Stride this card on your (VC) from face down.
[ACT](VC)[1/Turn]:[Counter Blast (1) & Choose a face down card named "Holy Sword of Heavenly Law, Gurguit" from your G zone, and turn it face up & Choose a card from your hand, and discard it] Until end of turn, this unit gets "[AUTO](VC) Unite:When this unit attacks, look at seven cards from the top of your deck, call a card to (RC) from among them, and shuffle your deck." and "[CONT](VC):All of your units get [Power]+2000 for each face up card with "Gurguit" in its card name in your G zone.".
Holy Sword of Heavenly Law, Gurguit upholds the Gold Paladin's high standards of offense to unite his comrades. Gurguit's forms as a grade 3 provides a strong defense and his grade 4 forms complaints his grade three forms with a powerful offense. The Gold Paladins have the best one two punch in the game. They have the best defense and their offensive capabilities can explode at a moment's notice. Holy Sword of Heavenly Law, Gurguit is the newest card on the block to further the Gold Paladin's dominance in the game.

Holy Sword of Heavenly Law, Gurguit's skill requires Unite! His ability superior calls one card from the top seven cards of your deck when he attacks a vanguard. You should have a variety of options with seven cards from the top of our deck. The large amount of options helps players avoid being forced to superior call triggers. That was a past problem that the new Gold Paladins have overcome in recent booster sets. Triggers will stay in your deck to be checked during the triple drive!

Furthermore, Gold Paladins have a large library of cards to perfectly assist Holy Sword of Heavenly Law, Gurguit. I lean towards units with abilities to superior call more allies to the field. Knight of Daylight, Kinarius is the perfect card to fit my style. He gains 4,000 power when I have a vanguard with Gurguit in its name. Also, he can superior call a unit to the field. I can call an additional attacker or a booster behind Knight of Daylight, Kinarius.

Finally, his contentious skill gives 2,000 Power for each face up Gurguit in your G zone to all of your units. For example, four cards with Gurguit in their names will give 8,000 power to every unit on the field. Your rear-guards can easily attack with numbers beyond 30,000. Critical Triggers will only add more pressure on your opponent. A second stride of Holy Sword of Heavenly Law, Gurguit can push for a victory because there will be plenty of face cards with Gurguit in their names to fuel power to all of your units.

Overall, Holy Sword of Heavenly Law, Gurguit will be the Gold Paladin's new stable for Gurguit decks. He is a great G-Unit to play for your first Stride. He does not require Generation Break and unite is the easiest keyword to fulfill its requirements. Gold Paladins have a wide range of units to play in a deck with Gurguit. Holy Sword of Heavenly Law, Gurguit will unite the Gold Paladins and lead them to a bright future in Cardfight!! Vanguard.

Card Rating: 5 out of 5

Friday, April 7, 2017

Unit of The Week: Blaster Blade Exceed

In the name of Saver! Shine forth, Blaster Blade! 
[AUTO](VC):[Counter Blast (1)] When your G unit with "Saver" in its card name Stride during your turn, you may pay the cost. If you do, search your deck for up to one card with "Blaster Blade" in its card name, reveal it, put it into your hand, and shuffle your deck.
[AUTO]:[Counter Blast (1)] When this unit is placed on (VC) or (RC), you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your opponent's grade 1 or greater rear-guards, and retire it.
Blaster Blade has returned as a grade 3 unit. Many players believe this is his first grade 3 card, but this is misinformation. Blaster Blade's first grade three cards are Majesty Lord Blaster, Exculpate the Blaster, and Blaster Blade Burst. Blaster Blade Burst is the only card of the three cards not released in English at this time. Blaster Blade Exceed is the newest Blaster unit. He is designed for the Cardfight!! Vanguard G era. He has a new skill to work with G-Units and has a stronger version of Blaster Blade's original skills.

Blaster Blade Exceed's Stride skill searches for one card with Blaster Blade in its name. Blaster Blade Exceed's skill has two strong options. First, this skill sets up Divine Knight King, Alfred Holy Saver's skill. You will have a Blaster Blade on the field to gain Twin Drive. Second, you may also use this skill to draw an extra copy of Blaster Blade Exceed to discard on your next turn to perform Stride.

Furthermore, Divine Knight King, Alfred Holy Saver is the best G-Unit for Blaster Blade Exceed. Your new card with Blaster Blade in its name will be able to perform a Twin Drive for his first battle. Your G-Unit already had the ability to perform Triple Drive. You will have a total of five drive checks in a single turn. This is a great skill for generating a large advantage. Your hand size will increase by five and there are many opportunities to check triggers!

Finally, Blaster Blade Exceed's second skill is a representation to the original Blaster Blade. When Blaster Blade Exceed to called to either vanguard circle or rear-guard circle, you may retire a grade one or greater card. He is a very versatile card. You may use the extra copies to pay for the cost of Stride or call an extra copy to the field. He can retire a troublesome card. Many decks will be weaken after losing a key rear-guard.

Overall, Blaster Blade Exceed is a very strong unit and has put Blaster Blade back on top of Cardfight!! Vanguard. I kept all of my Blaster Blades from the original Royal Paladin trial deck. My full set of Blaster Blades are ready to be superior called to the battlefield. Blaster Blade Exceed's skills are effective for G-Units and when he is a rear-guard. Blaster decks have many options on their selection of cards and strategies. Stand up my avatar Blaster Blade Exceed!

Card Rating: 5 out of 5

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Unit of The Week: Blade Wing Sullivan

All that is left is to unfold them. These wings of demise. 
[CONT](VC):If the number of cards in your soul is fifteen or more, this unit gets "[CONT](VC):All of your guardians get [Shield]+10000." and "[AUTO](VC):At the end of the battle that this unit was attacked, Soul Blast (2).".
[AUTO]:When this unit is placed on (VC), choose one of your rear-guards, search your deck for up to three cards with the same card name as that unit, put them into your soul, and shuffle your deck.
Blade Wings were introduced in the second season of Cardfight!! Vanguard. The archetype had a resurgence in Fighters Collection 2015 Winter.  Blade Wing Sullivan was one of the many new Blade Wings. Most Blade Wings have offensive skills and quickly build the soul. Blade Wing Sullivan is unique from his fellow Blade Wings. He is a defensive specialist and uses defense to outlast the opposition.

Defensive skills from Grade 3 vanguards are very rare. Only a handful of grade 3 units have defensive skill to protect from strong attacks. Blade Wing Sullivan's skill increase every guardian's shield by 10,000. That is a huge increase in defense. Two critical triggers can create a 40,000 shield. Even G-Units will have trouble breaking through your shields. However, you need to maintain the soul to consistently use the skill. Blade Wing Sullivan soul blasts two cards after each battle.

Furthermore, Blade Wings have an exclusive Quintet Wall. Blade Wing Tyrwhitt only works with a Blade Wing vanguard. Quintet Walls superior call five or more cards to the guardian circle. Your Quintet Wall should be successful against most attacks. Every card call from the deck to the guardian circle will gain 10,000 power from Blade Wing Sullivan's skill. Grade 3 units also gain 10,000 shield. Blade Wing Tyrwhitt's second skill sends grade 3 guardians to the soul after battle. Superior calling grade 3 units is no longer a waste.

Blade Wing Sullivan's second skill sends up to three copies of a card in the soul from the deck to the soul. It only activates when this unit rides to the vanguard circle. You can ride a copy to repeat the ability if you need more cards in the soul. Your soul receives a boost to prepare your defense skill. This tactic can be used for your G-Unit's skills as well.

Overall, Blade Wing Sullivan is a great defensive card. I love cards with defensive abilities. My passion of defensive cards comes from the lack of these cards outside Perfect Guards and G-Guardians. Blade Wing Sullivan has amazing chemistry with Blade Wing Tyrwhitt. Your G-Units will bring the offense and Blade Wing Sullivan follows up with defense on your opponent's turn. It is a nice compliment after using your resources to attack your opponent.

Card Rating: 3.5 out of 5

News: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

The moment that we have been waiting for is finally here! Bandai has released its first trailer for Dragon Ball Super Card Game. The trailer previews characters, cards' effects, and mechanics. Bandai is correcting Panini America's and Score's horrible mistakes. I am very impressed with the visuals. The game features exclusive art for the game. The trailer teases possible archetypes to be an important component. God decks and Frieza's army deck appear to be archetypes. The characters are from Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super. Cards for Cell, Frieza, Kid Buu, and the legendary Broly were revealed!

Dragon Ball Super Card Game is set to be released this summer! I want to build a Frieza's Army deck! I am going to give this game a fair chance. Trading card games need three to four sets to have a steady foundation. Please be patient and see how this game will expand in its first year. Dragon Ball deserves a good card game. Hopefully Dragon Ball Super Card Game will be Dragon Ball's next big game.