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Welcome to my Cardfight!! Vanguard deck page! This is where all of my completed decks are listed and analyzed. Most of my decks are built for fun instead of being competitive in current metas. Building decks is my favorite part in playing trading card games. I'm always challenging myself to discover new combo plays to enhance my decks. It is always exciting to learn which cards fit well with each other. If you have any suggestions on improving the decks that are listed, then feel free to post your suggestions in the comment section!

The Legendary Aqua Force

Latest Update: 7/16/2015
The Legendary Aqua Force

Deck List

Grade 4

Marine General of the Heavenly Scales, Tidal Bore Dragon x4
Marine General of Heavenly Silk, Sokrates x4

Grade 3

Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom x1
One Who Surpasses the Storm, Thavas x2
Blue Wave Dragon, Tetra-drive Dragon x1
Blue Storm Marine General, Zaharias x4

Grade 2

Battle Siren, Rohde x2
Blue Storm Marine General, Lanis x4
Magnum Assault x3
Tidal Assault x3

Grade 1

Assassinate Sailor x1
Battle Siren, Phaidra (Perfect Guard) x4
Kelpie Rider,  Polo x4
Railgun Assault x4

Grade 0

Officer Cadet, Andrey (Starter) x1
Battle Siren Carolina (Heal) x4
Blue Storm Marine General, Despina (Critical) x4
Bubble Bazooka Dracokid (Critical) x3
Jet-ski Rider (Critical) x1
Rainbow Sniper (Draw) x4
King Alfred Legion

The Royal Paladins are my favorite clan. Many Royal Paladins are some of the best cards in the game's history. They dominated every era in Vanguard except for the Break Ride era. My King Alfred Legion deck is based on my favorite cards from the first wave of booster sets and trial decks. The deck includes the new Legion Leader, King of Knights' Vanguard, Ezzell. Alfred and Blaster Blade are back to reclaim their glory. 

Deck List:

Grade 3
King of Knights, Alfred x4
King of Knights' Vanguard, Ezzell x4

Grade 2
Blaster Blade x4
High Dog Breeder, Akane x3
Knight of Silence, Gallatin x4

Grade 1
Flash Shield, Iseult x1
Flashing Jewel Knight, Iseult x3
Lake Maiden, Lien x2
Little Sage, Marron x4
Toypugal x4

Grade 0
Wingal Brave x1 (Starter)
Alabaster Owl x1 (Critical)
Bringer of Good Luck, Epona x4 (Critical)
Future Knight, Llew x2 (Critical)
Impact Seeker, Modoron x1 (Critical)
Margal x4 (Draw)
Ardent Jewel Knight, Polli x2 (Heal)
Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine x2 (Heal)

Seek The Mate!

King of Knights' Vanguard, Ezzell is the deck's featured Legion Leader. His Legion skill is an upgrade version of Alfred's original skill. It allows me to preserve my hand size by superior calling three units to the field in one play. The duo cannot be boosted when they are in Legion, but that is not a problem. They are a 31K vanguard with a full field of Royal Paladin rear-guards.

However, Alfred also serves as a backup grade 3, and this can be very bad if I do not draw Ezzell early in the game. Alfred is not as good as he once was by himself as the only vanguard. 10K vanguards are at a major defensive disadvantage against today's stronger 11K vanguards.

Blaster Blade Leads The Troops!

Blaster Blade's ability to retire opposing units makes him very important in the deck. He is the only unit that is able to remove troublesome rear-guards from the field. Knight of Silence, Gallatin is a good 10K attacker and becomes a 19K attacker with a booster from Toypugal. High Dog Breeder, Akane is in my deck for two reasons. First, she is very hot! Second, her job is superior call my Toypugals from the deck when I am in Legion to trigger Toypugal's skill.

Supporting Troops!

Toypugal is the highlight in my grade 1 lineup. His skill activates when Ezzell is in Legion because there are two grade 3 units on the field. Little Sage, Marron is slightly weaker, but is still a good booster for my rear-guards.

Lake Maiden, Lien's draw engine is useful for searching for my grade 3 cards early in the game. Her position on the field is behind the Legion vanguards. They can't be boosted in Legion so she can use her skill effectively by being behind them.

Trigger Lineup!

The deck features eight critical triggers. This only adds more pressure from Alfred's and Ezzell's Legion attack. Margal is the best trigger in the deck. His main priority is go into the Soul after being superior called by the Legion skill. He can add 3K power to the vanguards or my rear-guards. This is just icing on the cake to increase the rear-guard columns' attacking power.


The deck's weaknesses are a combination of using retro cards and lacking a backup vanguard. If I don't draw Ezzell early in the game, then I will be stuck with Alfred, who is very weak on his own. It also creates major match-up problems. The rear-guard columns are not very strong without checking triggers during the Twin Drive. Their attacks only go up to stage two and can be blocked with a single trigger with 10K shield.